Apple Buys Tueo Health


A small start-up which had been working on a project for the development of a system to monitor the symptoms of asthma in sleeping children has been bought by Apple. The startup Tueo Health is working for a solution for the monitoring of asthma using mobile applications and breathing sensors.

The method of payment for the Tueo Health has been unclear however the start-up has raised an amount of $1.7million during the funding in 2017. A change in the employer section of the Linked In profiles of Tueo’s CEO and co-founder Bronwyn Harris along with the chief operating officer Anura Patil was seen. They had changed their employer to Apple back in 2018, which has around the time when Apple can complete the process of acquisition. The project revolved around the development of a mobile application that could help to manage the symptoms of asthma in children by the use of technology sensor. The application would be designed in such a way, so as to send alerts to the parents if it recognizes some changes in the breathing pattern of the child during the night.

There have many additions in the health features available to Apple products, especially the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch’s latest version has a special feature of performing an electrocardiogram in order to detect heart failure of the use.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is all set to revamp the health applications for its iPhone with additional features such as menstrual cycle tracker in the iOS 13 update. The company is also expected to announced the iOS 13 new features during the annual developer conference on June 3. Other than Tueo Health, Apple has bought two other health care startups. The first being Gliimpse in 2016 which was developing a technology to aggregate medical records and the other being Beddit in 2017 which makes sleep sensors.


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