Associating Mental Health With Nutrition


Our brain remains active throughout the day doing various tasks and in order to do it properly, it would, of course, need some kind of fuel. The constant supply of fuel to your brain would come from the food that you eat and the nutrition that you intake. In other words, the structure and function of your brain are dependent largely on the food that you take, which ultimately affects your mood as well.

Food that can improve mental health

Here are some nutrition dense foods which can improve your mental health very effectively:

  • Salmon- Enriched with protein, vitamin D and minerals, this tasty fish can not only improve your physical health but also are equally effective in improving your mood.
  • Broccoli- A nutritional vegetable with lots of probiotic bacteria that is great for your gut health. The minerals present in it helps in enhancing the cells of your brain.
  • Spinach- With high contents of iron and other minerals, this would definitely help in improving the conditions of your brain health.
  • Liver- This animal organ is a great source for promoting your mental health conditions.

There are many other food items like eggs, chia seed, yoghurt, and oysters etc. which are rich in nutrition and can contribute a lot in improving your mental health.

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