Clinton Apologizes for Giving Credit to Nancy Reagan for Handling the AIDS Spread


Initially, Hillary Clinton expressed her apology after stating that the former first lady, Nancy Reagan, helped to begin that nationwide conversation about AIDS. It happened during an interview with MSNBC to cover the funeral of Mrs. Reagan. Clinton confirmed on the Medium website that Nancy Reagan didn’t do so. The credit should go to the lesbian, gay and bisexual activists, as well as their straight allies. Clinton wrote that she is aware that many people are disappointed by what she said, especially those who lost loved one and friends due to the illness. She added that there is more work to be done to eradicate the illness and it is important to erase the stigma.

In unrelated news, Mitt Romney, a more recent presidential nominee from the Republican side, said that it is likely that Donald Trump is hiding something significant and he won’t release his tax returns. Romney has given blistering anti-Trump speeches earlier and there are reasons for that. Trump has become infamous for his call for not allowing more Muslims into the country. The billionaire also wouldn’t disavow Ku Klux Klan and David Duke.

In a more recent remark, Trump said that Islam hates America and it is clearly bigoted and highly offensive statement. Romney also admitted that he was wrong for predicting that Trump wouldn’t join the presidential race and he would disappear quickly from the scene. He also said that disparaging comments about McCain would cost Trump supporters. And Romney stated that Jeb Bush would be the primary Republican nominee.

Written by News Staff.

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