Hospitals are Full Because Hong Kong is Facing a “Tsunami” of COVID-19 Cases


According to the Special Administrative Region (SAR), at least 10,000 people await hospital admission. ACCORDING TO THE CITY’S AUTHORITIES ON TUESDAY, new COVID-19 cases have overloaded Hong Kong’s hospitals and left more than 10,000 patients waiting for treatment.

There has been a “tsunami of new cases” that has “far beyond the improved capacities of Hong Kong on several fronts,” the government said, adding that hospitals “are suffering great pressure and cannot accept all cases tested preliminarily positive or confirmed for COVID-19.”

China’s Special Administrative Region (SAR) recorded a record number of cases on Tuesday (1,600 confirmed and 5,400 preliminary positives), and there are currently an estimated 10,000 people awaiting transport to hospitals in the SAR, according to sources.

The spike in cases has prompted authorities to send mild cases to unoccupied apartment blocks that are being arranged and hotels to alleviate the pressure on hospitals while prioritising treatment for the elderly and young.

Authorities are also finalising preparations to create a temporary hospital similar to the “ark hospitals” constructed in Wuhan at the onset of the pandemic. This week. Authorities.

More than 15,000 cases and at least 12 deaths have been reported in Hong Kong in the last two weeks, making this wave the worst in the city’s history and fueling fears that the “zero COVID” strategy that had kept the town safe from a major second wave like so many other places around the world is now crumbling under the weight of the Omicron variant.

Due to a backlog in testing, there is projected to be an increase in cases in the following days. According to microbiologist Ho Pak-Leung of the University of Hong Kong, “case reporting was presumably suffering from a three to four-day lag.” “This is an extremely undesirable circumstance,” Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said during a press conference, adding that the government was “sad”. An analyst was reported as saying that the “handling of the pandemic” was “a major test of the chief executive’s competence to govern Hong Kong,” with her five-year term coming to an end this year and lingering doubt if Beijing would prefer to endorse an alternative. Authorities in Hong Kong say they expect mainland support in dealing with the situation, including assistance in rapidly ramping up testing capacity.

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