New Covid-19 Instances Reported by Beijing 2022 Organizers


Over 30 Beijing Olympic competitors have tested positive for the coronavirus and have been placed in isolation. A total of five new instances of Covid-19 were identified among Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Organizing Committee members on February 8th.

According to a post on the Beijing 2022 official website, three instances were discovered among fresh airport arrivals. The message also said that two athletes or team officials were already in the ‘closed loop’ bubble that isolates all event employees from the public.

The coronavirus has infected more than 30 athletes in the Beijing Olympics, and they are presently being held in isolation facilities. Seven days is the typical length of time spent in solitude.

Chinese authorities have also told people to remain inside their homes and shut down transportation in the southern city of Baise as an illness outbreak grows. Classes have been halted, non-essential companies shut down, and citizens are subjected to random drug testing.

Restaurants are only allowed to provide take-out, and the traffic lights have been turned red to encourage vehicles to remain at home instead.

Lockdowns, mass testing, case-tracing, mask regulations, and other rigorous procedures have mainly brought the epidemic under control in China. In China, about 84% of the population has received their recommended vaccinations. Despite the country’s high immunisation rate, China’s health officials believe that ‘zero-tolerance’ policies and the quarantining of foreign visitors justify the continuation of these measures.

As of this writing, China has documented more than 1,065,000 instances of Covid-19, resulting in 4,636 fatalities. Approximately 1,400 individuals are now being treated for the condition.

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