Obama Vows to Eradicate ISIS Leadership Before Leaving Office


President Obama has been given praises for orchestrating the elimination of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Qaeda. At the moment, his administration is striving to kill the top leader of the Islamic State before he leaves office. This has been suggested by Jeffrey Goldberg in his detailed report, published by the Atlantic.

He made the revelation after conducting long interviews with Mr. Obama and his closest inner circle. As a president, Mr. Obama inherited two ongoing wars from his predecessor and a financial crisis. It appears that he is keen to leave a “cleaner barn” to the next successor. Thought still somewhat not existential, ISIS is a group that Mr. Obama considers to be a direct threat to the United States. It’s his urgent priority for the remainder of his administration.

The White House declined to confirm whether the leadership of ISIS is the “top goal” of the current administration. But, even if Mr. Obama clearly states that he has his sights on the leader of ISIS, it should come as no surprise. The president has shown that he was not hesitant in liquidating high-value targets. He considers it as a top accomplishment in high foreign policy. The US-led coalition has repeatedly attempted to strike top leaders of the terror state and some of the potentially important ISIS figures have been captured, including a chemical weapon expert, who was picked up last month. The success in striking Baghdadi would serve as a vindication to his arguments that limited, but precise foreign action is a better way to keep the United States protected.

Written by Zezom.com News Staff.

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