Parts of Louisiana and Mississippi are Affected By Unusual Flood


The Leaf Rose River, located north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, rose recently. The unexpected flooding has caused the local population to grab whatever they could and they immediately left the homes where they live. The water reaches two feet deep in many areas and people have lost everything.

Many people have gathered in the Forrest County Community Centre, as rivers and creeks continue to rise. It happened after the Deep South was pounded by hours of torrential rains. At the moment, there are 24 shelters open in Louisiana and 9 more in Mississippi. The intense downpours have affected various states, including Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana – forcing people to flee their homes, washing out bridges and submerging cars and roads. Bossier City, Louisiana is also affected by the flooding and water already seeps through the sandbags, affecting vulnerable, low-lying areas.

Houses that back up to the levee are particularly vulnerable. People have been advised to evacuate, but those with medical problems may choose not to. The Caddo Lake in Caddo Parish may eventually rise to 180 feet and it’s a flooding, not seen in almost 50 years. Flood may arrive immediately and often, it is already too late to act. There’s moderate to major flooding across Louisiana, at about half of the state’s rivers and bayous. For people in Louisiana, it’s a déjà vu and it’s heartbreaking, reminding them about the devastating onslaught of Katrina. In Louisiana alone, at least three people have died. Although there are no reports of deaths or injuries in Mississippi, officials are still looking for two missing local fishermen. In 41 of 82 counties in Louisiana, damages to hundreds of homes have been reported.

Written by News Staff.

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