Reforms Needed to Prevent More Prison Riots in Alabama


The Holman Correctional Facility has been recently affected by a riot that involved about 100 inmates. Five days earlier, a prison officer was stabbed in the jam-packed prison. The tension has reached a critical point and violence may re-erupt in the future. The volatile mix of understaffing and overcrowding has created a dangerous environment to both the corrections officers and inmates. It has been urged that the State of Alabama must take the proper steps to solve this issue quickly. Overcrowding must be reduced immediately and the correctional facility should be made more secure and safer for both correction officers and inmates. Alabama has a correctional system designed for only 13,000 inmates, but there are 24,000 in them. Officials have pushed a plan to build more prisons for male inmates, while closing older ones.

For the plan to work, the state needs to borrow through a bond issue to obtain up to $800 million. By closing outdated correctional facilities, the state will save enough money to repay the bond. However, the bill is still pending for approval in legislative committees. The design/build approach could be taken and a single contractor will be hired, which raises some objections from architects and builders.

Typically, there’s an initial contract for design and builders will be involved in the bidding for the construction phase. However, the governor prefers the design/build approach as a cost-effective solution to achieve the goal. The three new men’s prison in Alabama would house 12,000 inmates and a new women’s prison would accommodate 1,200. As older facilities are closed, the plan will add 3,000 more beds in the whole state.

Written by News Staff.

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