Restriction to Whatsapp in Indonesia Leading to Deadly Riots


Indonesian people have reportedly retaliated for the restriction of Whatsapp and Instagram which manifested itself in the form of riots three days ago.

The residents of the country are facing a lot of difficulties sending multimedia messages via Whatsapp, which is known to be the most popular tool for communication. They are also restricted from posting content on Facebook which made these residents fight back with the help of a trending hashtag “#instagramdown” on Twitter.

According to a report by Coconuts, the coordinating minister for political, legal and security affairs, Wiranto, substantiated in a press conference that the government is going to limit the access to social media and deactivate certain features to maintain serenity.

Facebook, which handles both Instagram and Whatsapp did not affirm the blockages but did say that they have been speaking to the government of Indonesia. A spokesperson claimed that they have been aware of the ongoing security in Jakarta and have spoken to the Indonesian government. Moreover, the Whatsapp users of Indonesia have confirmed that they have not been able to send photos, videos or voice messages by using mobile data, wifi or VPN.

These restrictions were made subsequent to the results of the presidential elections which were declared on Tuesday. The defeated candidate Prabowo Subianto said that he would challenge the result of the restriction of Whatsapp in the court.

Riots broke out three days ago killing 6 people and injuring 200 of them. According to the local media reports, it is alleged that the hoaxes and the misleading information about the riots spread on social media. This problem is not new for Facebook as they have dealt with similar ones with Sri Lanka when the service was banned for days amidst terrorist attacks.

The communication minister of Indonesia, Rudiantara exclaimed that they had told Facebook to take down a lot of content but took down only a few and also expressed his hatred towards the same. So, restricting the usage of social media has an impact on the government since this poses a communication threat to the residents of the country.

Written by News Staff.

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