Second Largest Hotel Group in China OYO Rooms


It seems that it was only yesterday when this company opened its arms to the residents of China and started offering services in the country. Headquartered in Gurugram the 2013 established OYO rooms hospitality organization has become the second largest hotel group in China. Last year in the month of July the company added around 25000 rooms to its inventory.

OYO is known to have the most advanced hotel management organization that has outgrown in a very little span of time. It is not a travel agency nut handle all your requirements from booking of rooms to quality check and feedback.

OYO is currently operating in 285 cities in China including Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xian, and Shenzhen, offering a combination of franchises and managed hotels.

The Japanese business giant’s chief executive said OYO added 81,000 spaces to its platform during the April-June era, about eight times the amount of spaces purchased during the same era by the world’s biggest hotel chain Marriott.a

He also said OYO in India with 101,000 beds is now seven times bigger than Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, one of India’s biggest hotel chains. The Ritesh Agarwal-led company will develop to have between 150,000 and 200,000 spaces by the end of the year.

Sham Shih, COO of OYO China has said that OYO woks according to the norms of  Chinese company and is very beneficial or the people with middle class income in the country for the numerous offers it has delivered along with endless jobs.

OYO has effectively produced the list of one of China’s top five hotel organizations in just 12 months and has become the fastest-growing group of rented and franchised restaurants, households and facilities in the world. All this bears a powerful witness to each and every OYOpreneur’s difficult work, enthusiasm, and dedication. The staff is highly trained, well behaved and friendly that reaffirms the task to provide all customers with superior hospitality experience. Every day more than 200,000 people in China subscribe to the OYO rooms facility also the organization has also provided recruitment to more than 100,000 youngsters and became the second largest hotel group in China. There is a wide range of rooms available from a daily basis to lease and contractual basis available as per the customers need and budget.


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