Trump Rallies Continue to Spark Violence Across the Nation


Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan may have enticed many, but his calls have further divided the polarized American voters. Fuelled by acrimonious statements, the billionaire has sparked angry backlashes. At the moment, Trump is unwilling to defuse the situation, but even if he wants it, it is actually questionable whether he can.

The Florida’s primary was a must-win for Marco Rubio, and Trump managed to gain a double-digit edge over him among white voters, at 42 to 28. However, Rubio still leads trumps among Hispanic Republicans. Experts have called it an ugly presidential campaign and it is likely to descend to a new level. Trump’s opponents have questioned whether it is possible to stop his march to the presidential nomination for the Republican side. This is the only way to contain what he already unleashed across the whole nation.

At various Trump’s rallies, violence has escalated sharply and they have turned these rallies into reality-show quality. His campaign continues to take more ominous turns in the past few weeks. The GOP front-runner was immediately protected by Secret Service agents as a man charged Trump’s rally stage in Dayton, Ohio. Protesters also repeatedly interrupted his rally in Kansas City and they were expelled from the venue. The local police force controlled crowds with pepper spray and two were arrested. Trump’s political rise has sparked racially-tinged anger across the whole nation. Remaining rivals in the Republican side are now reluctant to provoke Trump further to avoid alienating a huge slice of followers in their party.

Written by News Staff.

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